YIP 70: ApeWorX <> Yearn Partnership Source

Authorfubuloubu, defidipshit


ApeWorX is proposing a partnership with Yearn contributors to add dedicated support for their use of the Ape open-source framework. During this partnership, ApeWorX will work closely with Yearn contributors to continue to meet their production needs for the project.

In addition to technical support, ApeWorX will create content for our Ape Academy learning portal demonstrating how to use the Yearn template to create strategies and deploy them, and promote that content to our growing user base. We will also continue to develop Vyper tooling and integration to support the project’s focus and growth on Vyper for v3. Lastly, we will develop any requested smart contract development content to help find and onboard new contributors for protocol development and data analysis functions.


Ape is the smart contract development tool for Pythonistas, Data Scientists, and Security Professionals. ApeWorX was founded in 2021 by @fubuloubu, who designed Yearn v2, with the assistance of the creator of Brownie, based on his feedback of a redesign to that framework. Yearn contributors have been using Brownie, the predecessor of this framework, for nearly all of its smart contract and strategy development work since late 2020.

However, Brownie has entered into a maintenance-only stage of its lifetime, while Ape is actively being developed and has been growing significantly over the last year. Looking to the future, ApeWorX plans on building out a suite of products and services around smart contract development, data exploration, and security research which are all areas Yearn contributors will benefit from with better tooling and support.


We’ve identified four ways that ApeWorX can assist Yearn contributors and the Yearn project moving forwards:

Support Services

ApeWorX will provide a continuous point of contact between core contributors to Yearn and the ApeWorX team. We will collect and triage any issues with the framework, as well as collect further feature ideas and improvements, and work them into our development roadmap based on a balance of the Yearn project’s priorities and our other internal/partnership goals. With our team’s expertise and guidance, we can help support the safety and robustness of the Yearn protocol and it’s continued development.

Prioritized Development

We will provide two (2) dedicated engineering resources to drive the project’s priority roadmap, including development of core features and plugins to support production milestones. These resources will ensure that we are always making the progress necessary on our development roadmap to support priorities as they grow and change.

Best-in-class Vyper Tooling and Integrations

For v3, Yearn contributors has decided to double-down on developing their protocol using components written in Vyper. To maintain a competitive edge, ApeWorX will continue to innovate Vyper tooling in the framework for Yearn contributors, speeding up product development and security work, in order to make Yearn v3 the most secure, scalable, and decentralized protocol yet.

Attracting Developer Talent

In order to thrive, the project needs to further develop a talent pool onboarding more protocol developers, strategists, and other contributors. ApeWorX will promote these objectives by leveraging our Ape Academy product, which is a project-based learning platform for building in Web3 using Ape Framework. Through this platform we will collaborate with Yearn contributors to develop Ape Academy content for strategy creation and onboard more Vyper developers, which is a key area of improvement for the project.


For this partnership, ApeWorX is proposing a grant totaling 100 YFI tokens. These tokens will be streamed to wallet.apeworx.eth using a Llamapay stream over a period of 24 months. The stream can be canceled at any time, signifying the end of any advanced collaboration between ApeWorX and Yearn contributors. At the end of the 24 month period, a renegotiation of these grant terms can occur to continue the arrangement into the future.

The grant amount will align ApeWorX significantly with the long-term success of the Yearn project, and ensure mutual benefit from the work being provided on their behalf.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


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