YIP 1: Minting more YFI Source

AuthorAndre Cronje

Simple Summary

FOR: Allows weekly distribution of YFI. A second proposal will be submitted to decide how much would be printed weekly.

AGAINST: No more YFI tokens will be distributed. Global supply is locked at 30000 YFI permanently.

NOTE: This was proposal 0 on-chain.


Name Value
Proposed by 0x473afAb58B2C5D4DbC5FAD5D236f6658AD84E83b
Total for votes 7734007.4689 (61.02%)
Total against votes 4939315.7347 (38.97%)
Quorum 62.68% ✔
Start block 10490942
End block 10508222

Source: yieldfarming.info YFI Governance Information

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