Number Title Author
34 Add Synthetix (SNX) to yVaults Substreight
51 Set Vault v2 fee structure banteg, lehnberg, milkyklim, tracheopteryx
52 Make Strategist Skin in Game Partner for Make Benefit of Glorious Brain of Yearn banteg, lehnberg, milkyklim
53 yAcademy Ali Atiia
54 Formalize Operations Funding banteg, lehnberg, lex_node, milkyklim, tracheopteryx
65 Evolving YFI Tokenomics 0xJiji, banteg, daryllautk, HAtTip3675, onlylarping, vany365, Wot_Is_Goin_On
72 Launch yETH 0xkorin, 0xPickles


Number Title Author
0 YIP Purpose and Guidelines Yearn Community
1 Minting more YFI Andre Cronje
10 Transitionary YFI Only Voting Rewkang
12 Reducing the quorum for accepting proposal cp287
32 Remove YFI burning Sunil Srivatsa
33 Add LINK to yVaults franklin
35 Distribute Donations vs Purchase YFI Andre Cronje, Klim K
36 System rewards as operational capital Andre Cronje, iTo, n00b, Artem K
37 Participate in CRV governance and 2.5x CRV reward boost Andre Cronje, Artem K
38 Distribute / Keep Balancer Rewards Klim K
39 Add Curve sBTC Pool LP-Tokens yVault uhmpeps
40 Replace inactive multisig signers cp287, Artem K
41 Temporarily Empower Multisig tracheopteryx, Joe Mahon, franklin501, Michael Anderson, Vance Spencer
44 Improve YIP categories sam bacha
45 Add a bounty for proposing YIPs that are implemented Sunil Srivatsa
55 Formalize the YIP Process Franklin, Dudesahn
56 BABY:\ Buyback and Build Yearn banteg, lexnode, lehnberg, milkyklim, tracheopteryx, RyanWatkins
57 Funding Yearn’s Future aleks-blockchaincap, banteg, dudesahn, ekrenzke, lehnberg, ryanwatkins, srs-parafi, tracheopteryx, vooncer, yfi-cent, milkyklim
59 Temporarily extend Multisig empowerment lehnberg
60 Airdrops to Yearn Vaults lehnberg
61 Governance 2.0 tracheopteryx, lexnode
62 Change Two Multisig Signers banteg, lehnberg, milkyklim, tracheopteryx
62 Fund Builder-First Legal Activism DAO Andre Cronje, tracheopteryx, lexnode, Judge Jowday, Sh Brennan, Birdman Haxxor
64 Adjust fees on non-stablecoin yVaults wavey, philbert, saltyfacu
66 Streamlining contributor compensation 15 members of the Compensation group inc @0xJiji
67 Contribute $400,000 to Nomic Foundation FrancoNomic
68 Rotate multisig signers banteg
69 Reduce and cap fees through yRates banteg, flashfish, jiji, jmonteer, newmickymousse, saltyfacu, wavey
70 ApeWorX <> Yearn Partnership fubuloubu, defidipshit
71 Activate veYFI darkghosty, flashfish, jiji, saltyfacu


Number Title Author
2 Burn YFI for fees Andre Cronje
5 Reducing YFI weekly supply Damir Bandalo
8 Halving YFI weekly supply the same as bitcoin steamer.eth
14 Yearn Rewards Reserve YieldBouncer
30 YFI Inflation Schedule Substreight, DeltaTiger, Hannes Graah, Daryl Lau, yfi_whale
31 YFI Inflation Distribution Substreight, DeltaTiger, Hannes Graah, Daryl Lau
42 Add RenBTC to yVaults Azeem
43 Improve YIP categories sam bacha