YIP 35: Distribute Donations vs Purchase YFI Source

AuthorAndre Cronje, Klim K

Simple Summary

Allow donors who donated to claim back donations or leave them to be used to purchase YFI.


While I am very appreciative of the donations, the article was a gross misrepresentation of our discussion. I am not in financial detriment, I do have debt, but I have assets in crypto to offset my fiat debt. I am simply not interested to swap my crypto to fiat, since I value my crypto more than fiat.

As such, I propose a small system, whereby donors can claim back their donations, should they wish. If however they do not claim it back by x date, then the funds (currently $150,000) will be used to market buy YFI. I wish to use this YFI as a governance vote and we can also use it to incentivize other events or requirements.


Having spoken to donors, its a mix of “use it for the protocol” vs “it is an insult to return it”, so I wanted to come up with a new solution that benefits all participants.

FOR: Build the claim back and purchase system.

AGAINST: Return the donations.


I will implement a simplistic contract that allows donors to reclaim, should they not wish to do so, after maturity date, YFI will be purchased and staked in governance.


Name Value
Proposed by 0x74630370197b4c4795bFEeF6645ee14F8cf8997D
Total for votes 1644.3648 (93.59%)
Total against votes 112.4983 (6.40%)
Quorum 37.43% ✔
Start block 10633099
End block 10650379

Source: yieldfarming.info YFI Governance Information

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