YIP 8: Halving YFI weekly supply the same as bitcoin Source


Simple Summary

Currently the weekly supply increase of YFI is 30,000 per week. Vote under proposal #0 is if more YFI tokens should be minted.

I’m voting “FOR” on proposal #0 16 as continuous incentivization of LPs is important for growth of the platform. Most of reasons are the same with proposal 5.

More Reasons:

  1. The YFI mining will be end in 3 days, while the whole crypto community needs more time to understand this complex mechanism. In such a short period of time, YFI cannot generate an effective market pricing.
  2. To stop the YFI mining will instantly result to a huge amount remove of the liquidity, this will be a huge negative to the YFI price because of the decreasing of fee rewards.

This is a proposal for reducing the weekly issuance rate with a model the same as BTC. Two months is enough to educate the crypto community while finishing the YFI generate event.

The pros of the bitcoin halving model:

  1. Halving every week is quite easy to be understood in the crypto community, and effective.
  2. Easy to make memes of YFI - “ YFI is the Bitcoin in Defi ” for virus spreading.
  3. Enough time for the markets to reach the equilibrium. (liquidity provider’s YFI revenue is halved every week while taking the same risks, will result in a steady change in liquidity)

Modeling of 3 Pools


In summary. If proposal #0 passes the issuance model should be altered as described above.

FOR: Support the new issuance model.

AGAINST: Do not support the new issuance model.


Name Value
Proposed by 0xe2ca7390e76c5A992749bB622087310d2e63ca29
Total for votes 3527868.1621 (80.25%)
Total against votes 867838.6309 (19.74%)
Quorum 9.73% 𐄂
Start block 10508388
End block 10525668

Source: yieldfarming.info YFI Governance Information

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