YIP 31: YFI Inflation Distribution Source

AuthorSubstreight, DeltaTiger, Hannes Graah, Daryl Lau

Simple Summary

Divide any further YFI inflation, allocating 50% to Liquidity Pools and 50% to the Multisig.


  • There are currently no funds being allocated to developing and improving the yearn ecosystem.
  • Further inflation of YFI provides an opportunity to fulfill funding needs.


Using YFI from inflation to fund development is a sustainable mechanism to strengthen the yearn ecosystem and align contributors.

FOR: Allocate 50% of YFI inflation to Liquidity Pool incentives and 50% to the Multisig.

AGAINST: No changes to YFI inflation distribution.



  • Designate 50% of future YFI emissions to LP rewards contract.
  • Designate 50% of future YFI emissions to Multisig (or DAO if applicable).
  • This will stay in place until stopped or adjusted.


Some YFI should be reserved to secure and improve the yearn ecosystem while properly incentivizing liquidity pools. Starting with a 50% // 50% split to LPs and Multisig, respectively, allows proper funding for both stakeholders, while retaining flexibility to adjust the distribution if necessary.


  • Inflation schedule proposal YIP-30


Name Value
Proposed by 0x24394A4758DBdCf6fcbC14dc35af64Ac0D9a450A
Total for votes 3304.5260 (42.28%)
Total against votes 4509.5851 (57.71%)
Quorum 73.42% ✔
Start block 10560736
End block 10578016

Source: yieldfarming.info YFI Governance Information

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